Modern Decorative Arts

Very important photographic repertoire on Decorative Arts during Twentieth Century coming from private collections and public and private Institutions, enriched by informative sheets. The archive will be constantly implemented thanks to cataloguing campaigns with the aim of giving researchers a wide review of artworks not very known.

Great Profane Decoration

The archive is dedicated to the great profane decoration from the Baroque to the Neoclassic Age with an iconographic research and it consists on sheets dedicated to building in Brescia and Padua. In a second moment it will be opened to sheets on others Centres in Northern Italy.

Artists’ books and Graphic

It’s an archive for information and images collection connected to artists’ books and graphic preserved both in the Rossana Bossaglia’s historic library and in various libraries and private collections.

History of Restoration and Artistic Techniques

This archive collects the results of a research on the strappi between Nineteenth and Twentieth centuries of wall paintings in Verona and Mantua (joint project “Fresco”) and, in a second time, will be created a new section dedicated to Italian restorers between Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries