The “Rossana Bossaglia” Centre focuses on researches in many fields, for instance History of Taste, Arts and Architecture in Modern and Contemporary Age, scientific and historiographic areas: all of them have been studied with wide originality and competence by Rossana Bossaglia. The Centre guards and makes available the Bossaglia’s book inheritance preserved at the Department of Culture and Civilization of University of Verona, implemented by donations from Institutions and private donors.

The cataloguing and study of documentary and bibliographic materials related to the development of art during Modern and Contemporary age allowed the creation of free-use digital archives. These are dedicated to the great decoration (painting, quadratura, stucco, sculpture, etc.) between Eighteenth and Twentieth Centuries in Northern Italy, to Decorative Arts during Twenty-first Century, Graphics and Restoration constantly updated with the collaboration of students, Phd researchers, Postdoc researchers and University professors. The Centre has a didactic aim, supporting tutoring activities, seminars, dissertations and Phd dissertation both in Cultural Heritage Undergraduation course, Arts Graduation course and International PhD.

As claimed in the Statute, the Centre activities are comprehensive of seminars organisation and study days, the promotion of scientific publications and curation or scientific consultation during exhibitions.