The Centre has an abundant specialized in art critic and history library, mainly composed by essays, monographs, exhibition catalogues, magazines and auction catalogues. The library and archival heritage is managed by “Luigi Ambrosoli” Library of Department of Cultures and Civilizations in Verona, which provides access and use.

For more information about opening hours and services, please consult the official site of “Luigi Ambrosoli” Library.

Bossaglia’s Fund

The original core of Bossaglia’s Fund is composed by catalogues, essays, monographs and inventories dedicated to decorative arts, particularly related to International Modernism and Art Déco: these themes denote the academic’s research fields of interest. In addition to the first donation, it has been added the remaining library part, consisting of art history books bunched up by Rossana Bossaglia during her activities. This part consisted of volumes and magazines dedicated to art history and figurative arts between Middle Ages and Contemporary Ages, without omitting texts about the theatre, music and literature.

The inventory work and inclusion of library heritage in the Opac, still on going, allowed to make available for researchers, teachers and students about 4000 volumes, whereas about a thousand volumes still in the storage will be catalogued and made available during next months.

Besides the library, the Bossaglia’s Fund conserves a part of the researcher’s archive section.


As time went by, the Library of the Centre enriched thanks to generous donations from private owners and public institution:

–        International Museum of Ceramics, Faenza

–        Giorgio Cini Foundation, Venice

–        Mario Quesada Photographic Archive

–       Heirs of Eliodoro Coccoli (library and drawing archive)